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As financing professionals we care about our clients and work to help them advance and improve their sales and marketing as much as we can.


It’s simple, the more business you do the more business we do.

We have a vested interest in helping you to grow your business.

That essentially means we are a strategic partner with your business and whatever we can do to help you grow your business is going to be in both our interests.

As someone who can provide extra value to my clients I would love to chat with you to share my business development ideas with you.

Topic I can discuss with you might include.

A way to improve your website so it is on the right platform most of the fortune 500 companies use.

Strategies to help more clients get approved and for larger amounts so they can do even more business with you.

Health Insurance strategies that will lower your overhead and provide better programs for your employees. I have found the best deals to offer and I have been an agent off and on since 1981. That is a long time to research deals and kiss a lot of frogs looking for a prince to offer to my clients. You can expect rates as low as 25% the cost of ACA plans you find online. With plans that have a way to eliminate most or all of your deductible to catastrophic plans with a $50,000 deductible we have the selection of options to customize strategies for your situation and budget.

Financing for you to grow and operate your business we have that now as well at rates that are not rip offs like the merchant cash advance companies try to con you into accepting.

Tax strategies: These things are highly proprietary and when we help you take advantage of them you will look back on the moment you met us and think God blessed you to know us because that will be the point in life when your life takes off and success is available to you everywhere you look and nothing will stop you from becoming wealthy.

The financial and business secrets we share are for our financing and insurance clients only and all others will be left wondering what might have been as our clients achieve greatness and take over markets with us at their side helping them to dominate their competition.

You want and deserve a better finance partner who will hold up his end of the bargain to more than sit back and finance your clients and if you choose to do business with us you will have that and more. I really wish I could tell you what special things we have in store for you to help you grow your business but I would be sharing that intel with the competition if I put it up here and then they might want to try and see if they could do what I do. They can’t but I think keeping my battle plans secret is good for business and will make me of greater value to you if we do business together.

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Learn How You Can Offer Financing to Your Clients!