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Medical Services

Lasik & Cosmertic Surgery to Insurance Deductibles & More We Can Finance Anything

Learn How You Can Offer Financing to Your Clients!

We finance all business types and there are several platforms to choose from. Our underwritting team will need to gather some information and conduct an interview to help us determine which will work the best for your business needs.

We understand that your patients experience plays a major role in creating a positive image for the practice. We focus on making that experience a pleasant one.

Why Offer Patient Financing Through My Consumer Finance?

Increase Revenue:By giving your patients more affordable payment options that fit any budget, you instantly increase their purchase power.

Attract More Patients:Use healthcare financing as a sales and marketing tool. Low fixed rate loans and special no interest offers will help you attract new patients.

More Patients Approved:From great credit to no credit we have a tailored program for every patient, We’ve integrated multiple lending products into one platform, giving more approvals with just one loan application. If you now are using a single-source provider, we typically increase your approvals by as much as 30%.

Risk Free for your Office:Patients receive an instant pre-approval without affecting their credit score. They also have the opportunity to review the terms and rates of the loan before accepting. Thus, there is no risk on patient defaults.

Simple & Fast Approval Process:Only one application for your patients,regardless of their credit. Our platforms feature instant credit decisions and is 100% electronic with no paperwork to fill out and fax.

Get Paid Quickly with No Recourse:Stop taking payment plans from your patients. Lower outstanding receivables and increase cash flow with zero liability to you.

Healthcare Services & Providers that We Can Help Finance.

Insurance Deductibles

Alternative Medicine


Dental Implants

Periodontal Surgery


Hair Restoration

Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Bariatric Surgery

Biological Solutions

ED Treatements

Skin Treatments

Surgical Implants

Cold Fusion Therapy

Liposuction/ Tummy Tuck

Hair Restoration


Laser Tattoo Removal


Fertility Treatments

Spine and Pain

Breast Augmentation

Stem Cell Therapy

Laser Hair Removal

Veterinarian Services

and much more…

Healthcare Devices:

Powered Wheelchairs

Powered Scooters

Hearing Aids

Chair Lifts

Medical Beds

Pain Relief Devices

Other Medical Devices

Learn How You Can Offer Financing to Your Clients!